Ok, so clearly the new, new blog idea hasn’t gone down so well. I’m officially abandoning this blog until futher notice and if I do any posting at all it will probably be at Mmm. . .brain, the WordPress.com blog.


Finally back after work and laziness ate my life and I’m thinking that if I’m going to talk about blogging and all, I guess it would be good (and less hypocritical) if I actually did it.

Good stuff I’ve found in catching up on my Bloglines account: http://www.bloglines.com/blog/camand

OK so it’s clear that not much posting has been going on. I’m trying something new for the upcoming year though. I got a WordPress hosted blog (because categories make me happy) and I’ll try posting all of the more work-related stuff there and this space can be for the random and not yet ready for prime time musings. We’ll see if posting picks up any on either:)

WordPress has made my dreams come true and started its own free blog hosting service, allowing me to have a blog with categories without me having to get off my lazy keester and get a domain and install WordPress. I knew the procrastination would pay off:)

I can now happily masticate on my own random thoughts on libraries, social software, teaching and learning, technology and the like in public. And the Web being the lovely social medium that it is, I also get to consume and regurgitate all the lovely brains of everyone out there in the biblioblogosphere. Hmmm. . .this metaphor sounded so much better in my head. But you know what they say, everything’s better with zombies!