Just posting a quick message to say I’m on my way home. Mom and Lisa, I’m not sure you got the messages I left for you since my phone card was acting funny, but I should be home Saturday about 11 AM if my flight plans go well; there was a delay with my initial flight and I am in London overnight. I should fly out tomorrow at 8:20 AM on American Airlines flight 115. Lisa, don’t wait around; I might be going straight home if things work out with my luggage.

More to follow but I’ve been keeping up with email at least, if not blogging. I checked email Thursday and found out that I’d gotten an email to Mann staff about Ans van Tienhoven. I was dismayed to hear that she’s had a heart attack. She’s in the hospital undergoing treatment and her family is with her. I will be sending my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery as soon as I get back to the States. I have to say that the van Tienhovens are one of the sweetest couples I ever met and so cute togther even after all the time they have been married (they remind me of Grandmother and Grandfather, Mom and Dad). The travel award that I won is named after Ans and was dedicated by Ari because he said wives and librarians didn’t get enough credit (how sweet is that?). They are part of the Mann family and they‘ve given so much to others over the years. I wouldn’t even be taking this trip without their generosity. I hope that karma and the universe operate as they should and that Ans gets back all that good energy and well-being.