As the second day went on, we actually gained more participants–three new guys and a woman from Addis. It’s all gone well despite a few technical glitches, and we are heading into our third and last day.

I figured I’d take a moment to detail a few of things I’ve learned along the way as far as Ethiopian culture:

  • Injera–the national bread made of a creal called tef–is eaten at just about every meal and is extraordinarily time-intensive to make (three days just to ferment)
  • Don’t eat with your left hand; it’s rude.
  • That indrawn breath sound isn’t one of surprise, it means yes, or ah or I understand ( I believe)
  • Fasting during Ramadan is until 3 and then it’s a veggie meal (no animal or dairy products until the end of the holiday.
  • No last names–where people have more than one name it’s their first, personal name and then the second name is their father’s first name. So you call people Mr. or Mrs. First Name typically. I’d be Ms. Camille

And now it’s time for dinner. . .