Since I am not taking classes for the foreseeable future, i figure I can use this blof for current awareness for work and such. So here are some links from the back scanning I’ve done of my e-mail:

Open Library project:
from an e-mail from Anne Kenney on the Internet Archive and the Open Content Alliance (more freee books-yeah!)

Princeton’s University Channel is putting up full lectures and speeches vis “vodcasting”–video and audio via RSS–at (from CT News Update: An Online Newsletter from Campus Technology from Nov. 1, 2005) . Maybe an idea for Mann’s Chats in the Stacks eventually?

This article Shock and Awe When the IT Stops By Terry Calhoun
has particular resonance right now as I am talking to people who have little access ot the digital windows of teh world, as I mediate my experience in Africa through the digital window of my other blog, and as I see teh events happening in Addis through the double screens of the internet/TV and word of mouth. . .

Useful stuff on IRs adn faculty attitudes as well as citation patterns

Open Access and effect on citation patterns

all from Dspace-general Digest, Vol 27, Issue 7

And some Dspace installations that looked interesting: (for images)