I woke up feeling better and cheered by the view out my window, which was this amazing view out over the city. The hostel was doing a tour of Soweto and then dropped us off at the Apartheid Museum. A woman at the hostel is doing her thesis on tourism in places like Soweto and asked to interview me about it. More on all this later because it could be its own volume.

That night I got back, wrote up my earlier blog entries but couldn’t get to email, decided I was again too tired to paint the town red (and needed to rest my voice). So I popped down to this Italian place down the road, the kind of place that makes homemade thin crust pizza and had a feta, avocado and rocket (a kind of herb) pizza with a glass of wine while playing with the owner’s little daughter (kids are amazingly open with strangers and she was just what I needed) and listening to this album he was playing (John Blount—very soulful) and then went to bed.