Quick notes on the following:

Oser: Use of Just community model in German schools. Interesting to note that Oser thinks big difference between American and British implementation and German was AM/Br emphasis on framework of practice and German emphasis on teacher’s commitment to democratic education and reform. Also that the fairly rigidly structured schools in Germany had to be convinced to try reform and that only quick results/proof that children could self-govern prevented more regulation while in American schools everybody agree son need for reform but is just unwilling or undecided on how to do it. Oser was big on idea that you should begin with Kohlberg’s later synthesis and practical applications rather than the beginning theories.

Duckworth–story illustrated modleling of behavior, use of actual dialogue about real-life situation and good explication of a teaching situation. Her final point about not taking a researcher’s theory, applying it willy-nilly and then validating the results by that theory rather than formative research was a very good point as was her (and Kohlberg’s caution) about the aims of ed psych researcher’s and practitioner/teachers in the field being different sometimes